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Bask Suncare



Craft a sunscreen brand that tackles a serious issue not-too-seriously.

Brand Identity
Custom Logotype
Art Direction
Featured In

The Dieline


Happy and splashy and safe! Founded by Michael Huffstetler after losing a loved one to skin cancer, Bask encourages folks to protect their skin with sun care you want to wear. We wanted to express this serious subject not-too-seriously, so we drew from the fun of 80s surf culture in a way that feels fun, bright, and lightly retro. I drew the logo with splashes and big waves in mind—you can play adventurously while still practicing safe-sun. ;)

Made with enthusiasm by the fine folks at RoAndCo.

Creative Direction by RoAnne Adams.
Supported and kept on track by Taylor Hoffman.
Packaging design and art direction by Freddie Hall, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Victoria Herrera, and Daphne Pastard.

Identity, logo, and initial art direction by me.

“Super-cute packaging that my friends all gleefully inquired about.”

—Who What Wear

“The body sunscreen has an extremely nice cloud mist that makes applying it a breeze. Bonus points for the super-aesthetic packaging!”

—STYLECASTER Beauty Awards

“It looks so cute in
my beach bag.”