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Generative Tarot Cards

A nonsensical plea to grasp the future.

cinema4d, p5.js, magical thinking


In the Before-Times, I was at a witchy party, talking with a skeptic who didn’t believe in witchy things. They confided in me that even though they didn’t buy into the supernatural, they loved using tarot cards and astrology. 

It’s fascinating how we can project onto images, archetypes, and symbols, and help ourselves realize the things we want to hear. Or the things we don’t.

These tarot cards are an experiment, and the first demo is here. They ask the question I’ve been asking myself all year—can we make meaning out of nonsense?

Through procedural generation, no two readings are alike. Meaningless archetypes like “The Much” mixed in with topical ones like “The N95” make readings feel whimsical, silly, and occasionally—accidentally—poignant.

The cards were procedurally generated in p5.js, subjectively curated, and made little 3d homes in the sky.